Market Umbrellas Sydney

Are you looking for a good investment for your cafe in Sydney? These umbrellas can provide necessary outdoor shade for your customers, allowing them to enjoy a pleasant environment.

Being a family-owned business delivering services for over 30 years, Indoor Outdoor Imports provides a variety of umbrellas, from traditional Italian timber to contemporary aluminium and bamboo ranges. Every piece in our collection embodies our commitment to quality and affordability.

Indoor Outdoor Imports offers a fantastic range of market umbrellas in Sydney, perfect for the needs of cafes, restaurants, and residences.

Our Product Range

For 30 years we have been supplying high end commercial quality Market Umbrellas, Cafe Barriers, Blinds & Folding Arm Awnings.

Indoor Outdoor Imports

For 30 years we have been supplying high end commercial quality Market Umbrellas, Cafe Barriers, Blinds and Folding Arm Awnings for both domestic and commercial applications.

Indoor Outdoor Imports started back in 1989 with a range of inexpensive wooden Italian Style Market Umbrellas but soon added better quality Commercial Aluminium Range of Umbrellas that quickly became a popular solution for the increasing outdoor entertainment market.

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Proud Family Owned Business


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3 to 5 Year Warranty* On Products


UV Protection & Water Repellant


Environment Friendly & Sustainable

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Hands down, the best customer service and quality awnings I have experienced. My father recommend...

Lia Aloisio


David and his team have provided excellent and efficient service every time we've had an issue. W...

Calum M


Great company, Great product, Great price, & exceptional customer service & workmanship from both...

Tony Annakis


Our apartment complex recently purchased two umbrella's from the team at Indoor Outdoor Imports. ...

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Commercial & Home Markets offering quality & affordability
Bamboo Umbrellas

Beautiful environmentally friendly bamboo umbrellas. Arguably the best market umbrella in the world. Five years frame guarantee.


Cafe Umbrellas Sydney

Do you own a cafe in Sydney and want your outdoor spaces to look great for guests? Outdoor umbrellas shade patrons from harsh UV rays and offer shelter from sudden showers.

Our umbrellas are highly durable thanks to the use of materials that can withstand all weather conditions. You’ll get a long-lasting product that offers considerable returns on your business investment.

Outdoor Umbrellas in Sydney

For our Sydney customers, we have many outdoor umbrellas that add an elegant touch to your cafe or backyard. Whether you need square market umbrellas, rectangular umbrellas or branded promotional cafe umbrellas, there’s a lot to choose from!

Our market umbrellas are available in different colours, sizes, and styles to suit your outdoor cafe decor and your personal preferences. Every umbrella is designed with style and practical use in mind.

Perhaps you are considering using your market umbrella for branding purposes. Indoor Outdoor Imports offers a custom design service for market umbrellas. We can customise umbrellas to feature your cafe business logo or name, creating a great opportunity for brand visibility and promotions.

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The Perfect Cafe Umbrellas for Sydney

Our Cafe umbrellas are a perfect choice for cafes in Sydney looking to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for patrons. With enhanced durability and elegant designs, our cafe umbrellas will accentuate the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Does your cafe in Sydney cater to a different consumer base? We provide umbrellas in diverse designs, ranging from classy white market umbrellas for high-end dining establishments to bold market umbrellas for street-side cafes.

Market Umbrellas – Make Your Purchase Today!

Take the first step towards improving your cafe’s outdoor seating or your patio at home. Have a look at our collection of market umbrellas online and find the right fit for you.

For market umbrellas for your business in Sydney that offer durability, style, branding opportunities and more, you can trust Indoor Outdoor Imports. Browse our variety now and add the perfect shade to your cafe or residence. If you have any queries, please reach us on 03 9381 4333.

Frequently Asked Questions for Market Umbrellas in Sydney

Why are market umbrellas a good investment for cafes in Sydney?

Market umbrellas are a good investment for cafes in Sydney as they provide outdoor shade for customers. Able to protect guests from harsh UV rays and sudden showers, this makes your outdoor seating areas more comfortable!

What variety of outdoor umbrellas does Indoor Outdoor Imports offer in Sydney?

Indoor Outdoor Imports offers a diverse range of outdoor umbrellas in Sydney, including square market umbrellas, rectangular umbrellas, and branded promotional cafe umbrellas. These come in various colours, sizes, and styles to suit your outdoor decor and personal preferences.

Can the umbrellas be customised for branding purposes?

Yes, Indoor Outdoor Imports offers a custom design service for your business or home in Sydney. We personalise umbrellas to feature your cafe logo or name, providing a great opportunity for brand promotion.

Why are Indoor Outdoor Imports' cafe umbrellas perfect for cafes in Sydney?

Indoor Outdoor Imports’ cafe umbrellas are perfect for cafes in Sydney because they enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Available in different designs to cater to a diverse consumer base, our umbrellas suit high-end dining establishments and street-side cafes.

How can you make a purchase of market umbrellas from Indoor Outdoor Imports in Sydney?

Browse Indoor Outdoor Imports’ collection of market umbrellas online and find the right fit for you. If you have any queries, call us on 03 9381 4333 for a reliable service.

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