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Latest Market Umbrella Installation

The NEW SIROCCO by BAMBRELLA is now available in Australia in 3 square sizes that will suit both Home and Cafe alike! The pricing is excellent with a 300 g.s.m. water resistant polyester canopy already fitted in the most popular ECRU colour.

  • The 2x2m Square is slightly smaller than its more expensive 2.1×2.1 Square Levante cousin but is only half the price selling for just $297
  • The 2.6×2.6m Square is a new size and with 8 struts represents excellent value @ only $495
  • The 2.9×2.9m Square is also availble with the 8 struts @ $550

New Awning Instalation

This awning was just re-covered by our awning and blind team. The bright LOGO RED acrylic from LISO’S match’s well with the Shops branding and really makes the old awning and shop stand out.

We will have to pop down in the near future and try the Authentic New York Pizza by “SAL’S”

located at 238 Gertrude St, Fitzroy Melbourne


News Limited I.O.I.

The Bleakhouse Hotel is an example of our ability to custom make rectangular shape Commercial Aluminium Umbrellas to suit narrow council trading zones.

These umbrellas were also installed into our socket and sleeve system that makes them safe in the very windy environment that they must function in.

When we custom make the canopy you have a huge choice of colors from Austex Acrylic , Lisos Acrylic and Tempotest Acrylic plus more!

Although these umbrellas can be more expensive than standard sizes and colors sometime they are they only option.

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