Frequently Asked Questions

Market Umbrellas

What warranty applies to our Market Umbrellas?

Our umbrellas frames have a 3-year warranty which covers faulty workmanship and quality control issues. Our canopies come with a 3-10 year warranty depending on fabric quality. It is important to note that the warranty does not cover damage by the wind.

Can I use my Market Umbrella in windy conditions?

Whilst our quality umbrellas are robust and designed for everyday use, they are not immune to damage by the wind. There will be days when your umbrella should not be used and common sense should prevail. The weight and size of the base will dictate wind resistance and we can help with advice here. In-ground base systems certainly help to stabilise the umbrella in windy conditions but damage can still occur if conditions are severe.

Do you offer Service and Repairs?

We are proud to offer full service and repair on all our quality umbrellas. We carry spare parts for most of our products to help you extend the life of your umbrella and ultimately save money. This service is somewhat unique in our industry, and we quite often repair umbrellas from other suppliers!

Are the Umbrella canopies waterproof. What about fading?

Any fabric umbrella canopy will never be 100% waterproof.

Our Spuncrylic umbrella canopies have a water-resistant coating on the underside to reduce water penetration. They also have a 3-year fade resistance warranty.

High quality acrylic canopies have superior fade resistance qualities (5-10 year warranty) and are highly water resistant but are not 100% waterproof.

The fabric will resist water penetration until completely saturated then ‘misting’ will occur.

How should I look after my Market Umbrella?

You will certainly extend the life of your umbrella with regular cleaning and service. The canopy will benefit from cleaning with a hose and stiff broom to remove dirt and contaminants. Our commercial aluminium frames are generally maintenance free although it is a good idea to keep the rope and pulley system in good working order. If you have one of our timber umbrellas, a regular oil will keep the frame in great condition and ensure a longer life.

If your umbrella lives outside, we sell a range of zip covers to protect the umbrella when it is folded down.

Again, we can help with parts and service if you have any issues.

Can I print my logo on a Market Umbrella?

Market Umbrellas are an effective way to communicate your brand. Indoor Outdoor Imports are experts in branding of market umbrellas. We have access to many printing techniques including screen print, heat transfer and full digital. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer delivery?

We offer same day delivery to Melbourne metro and can also deliver Australia wide.
Country and Interstate delivery is usually 2-5 days depending on destination.

Umbrella Bases

What size base do I need?

This will depend on the size of your umbrella. We have a range of base options to suit different umbrella sizes. Generally, the heavier the base the better.

Our standard bases are powder coated galvanised steel weighing 18 and 25kg. There are different sleeve diameters to suit most umbrellas.

We also supply and install in-ground socket and sleeve systems. The in-ground system creates a safe, permanent option that prevents the umbrella from falling over. The umbrella can be locked in the base for extra security.

Many councils now require in-ground bases in commercial applications. Again, a permit will be required. We can arrange installation of these bases.

Café Barriers

What sizes and colours are available?

There are 4 standard widths, .7m, 1m, 1.4m and 2m in either round or square profile steel. Our Café Barriers have a standard height of 940mm.

We can also produce barriers in custom sizes including higher versions that can stand up to 1.5m.
Our barriers come standard in satin black powder coat and we also offer custom powder coat colour options.

Inserts are made from either heavy-duty vinyl or high-quality acrylic fabric for a more premium look.
The vinyl and Acrylic come in a large range of colours and can be printed with your logo.

How do I ensure my barriers are stable?

Our Café Barriers can stand alone or be joined together. There are single and double feet available as well as inground base options for maximum security.

As with umbrellas, wind can be an issue so our Café Barriers can be held in place with our optional 10kg weight bags. This also allows more positioning flexibility.

Do you repair/refurbish older barrier frames?

Yes, we can refurbish our barrier frames with new inserts. Torn or damaged inserts are easily replaced saving the need to replace the whole unit. We can also replace inserts on other suppliers’ frames…give us a call to discuss.

Do I need a permit to have Café Barriers on the footpath?

In most cases, the answer to this is yes. Most Councils will require you to have a trading permit that allows the use of Café Barriers and Umbrellas on the footpath.

Can I print my logo on Café Barriers?

Café Barriers are an effective way to communicate your brand. Indoor Outdoor Imports are experts in branding of Café Barriers. We have access to many printing techniques including screen print and full digital processes. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer delivery?

We offer same day delivery to Melbourne metro and can also deliver Australia wide.
Country and Interstate delivery is usually 2-5 days depending on destination.


Can I use my folding arm awning in windy conditions?

Folding arm awnings are not suitable for use in windy conditions and are not guaranteed against storm damage. Higher quality heavy duty folding arm awnings are more resistant to wind affect than light duty units.

Wind direction and strength will impact differently. You cannot set a fixed wind speed as a limit.

If wind is causing the arms to flex, then the awning should be retracted.

Folding arm awnings should not be extended while unattended.

A set of storm poles can extend the use in blustery conditions but do not prevent storm damage if the wind is high.

Can I use a Folding arm awning for rain protection?

Folding arm awnings are designed primarily for shade in fine conditions.

A steep pitch is required to avoid rainwater collecting on the canopy. The pitch required to drain water effectively will vary with the arm length and strength of the arms. As a guide, 15 degrees may be enough for short heavy-duty arms.

If water builds up on the canopy, there is danger of damage and critical failure.

Never leave an awning extended in the rain unattended.

What sizes are available?

We supply folding arm awnings from 2m to 12m wide. Arm lengths are from 1.5m to 4.1m.
A super heavy-duty unit may have arms of up to 5.1m extension.

What warranty applies to folding arm awnings?

Awning hardware is warrantied against manufacturing faults for 5 years and is limited to replacement of parts found to be faulty.

This warranty does not cover reasonable wear and tear and does not cover damage from wind, rain, hail, storm, or exposure to ocean salt spray.

The electrical motors used will have a 5 year or greater warranty depending on the manufacturer.

What are the installation requirements for a folding arm awning?

An awning must be located high enough to allow for the anticipated pitch of the canopy. Typically, a minimum of 3.2m.

The pitch is adjustable at time of installation. Some models have user adjustable pitch control.

Awnings can be face mounted or ceiling mounted. If your eave is less than 3.2m mounting thru the facia to roof joists can be considered.

Secure fixing must be established by our qualified installer.

How do I get a quote?

As there are many options in our Awning range, an onsite measure and quote is essential. We can organise a free measure and quote as well as advise on fixings and product use.

Our quote will normally include installation by us but we can supply product only. Call us to discuss.

Bamboo Umbrellas

Beautiful environmentally friendly bamboo umbrellas. Arguably the best market umbrella in the world. Five years frame guarantee.

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